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Album “Hydra” out seven years ago today!


On this day seven years ago, the 26:th of March 2013, the album “Hydra” was released through Small Stone Records. Recorded during 2011-2012 at Sunnanå Studio in Sweden. Produced and mixed by Markus Nilsson and mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio Labs in Ann Arbor, MI,USA. Artwork, illustration and design by Alexander von Wieding.
Photography by Henrik Christoffersson. Featuring the most streamed and viewed (video) Deville song “Lava”, double drum kit song “The Knife” and songs regularly played live as “Burning Towers”, “Over the Edge” and “Imperial”.
1 Lava
2 Iron Fed
3 In Vain
4 The Knife
5 Over The Edge
6 Burning Towers
7 Let It Go
8 Battles Will Be Born
9 Blood Crown
10 Imperial
11 Stay A Little Longer