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Here we go! New lineup!

It is time to announce the new lineup!
DEVILLE welcomes two familiar faces of the music scene in Malmoe. On bass we are now proud to have Martin Nobel, last known from soul rockers Bad Barber. He is, as many of you might know, one of Malmoe´s best rock guitarists so having him on board on bass will for sure add new dimensions to the riffs.
And last but definitely not least we are, after months and months of searching, excited to announce Martin Fässberg on drums. This is a guy who has been touring the world with punk rockers, Quit Your Dayjob and has the routine and skills to take the drum chair in Deville. Being in the underground rockscene for a while he is also known from bands such as SUMA and Psykonauten.

A big welcome guys! Now, let´s tour!


Picture by Caroline Södergren.

Aug -16